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How Thick Is the Case Hardening on Chrome Street Balls?

Chrome Steel Balls are through hardened, case hardening is only used on carbon steel balls.

What Are Standard Sizes? I Always Seem to Have Trouble Obtaining 13mm Steel Balls Quickly.

Standard sizes are no more than those sizes that are made in large volume. In smaller sizes, these will include whole and half a millimetre, but as sizes increase half and then whole millimetre sizes become less common. The reason is simply that bearing manufacturer’s use imperial sizes; 3.969mm, 5.556mm, 7.144mm, 12.7mm, etc.

I Need to Use a Ball in a Valve at 400C. Steel and TC Won’t Work and Ceramics Are Too Brittle, What Can I Do?

Have you tried ceramics? Modern engineering ceramics are well suited to these sorts of applications and in most circumstances are unlikely to fail. The materials are "brittle", as is cast iron, but the forces required to cause failure would cause similar failures in most other materials, including steel.

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