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Precision Balls of the Highest Quality

Specialists in the Industry

Precision Balls of the Highest Quality

Specialists in the Industry

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Calibrated Master Ball Sets

These high-quality ball sets are used extensively in: standard laboratories, inspection departments, tool rooms, and for measuring internal grooves, tapers, and setting comparators. 

Each individual set can be supplied with or without its own wooden display case and certificate of calibration. These are the ultimate ball sets for total accuracy.

Ball-Ended Plug Gauges

Gauges are available double- or single-ended with wire-type handles. The applications include; general bore gauging, checking radii, and thread and gear measurement.   

Advantages of using the gauge are that gauging is carried using a single-ball diameter, and is correct irrespective of gauge alignment, allowing rapid in-process checking without the risk of jammed or broken gauges.

Balls on Shafts, Stems, or Wires

For handling or identification purposes, having a ball attached to a stem or wire of some form can greatly simplify the use of the ball. In measurement applications, particularly if a range of similar size balls are used, the ability to identify size visible can be of great advantage.

Ballizing Balls

Ballizing provides a simple method of producing tightly controlled hole tolerances at very low cost. In practice, a ball of the appropriate size is pressed through a pre-machined bore causing plastic deformation to occur in the bore wall. Elastic recovery then takes place, and produces the final hole size.

Modified Balls

Half- or part-balls, balls with through or blind holes, and balls with internal threads or flats. In many instances, where a spherical or partially spherical surface is required, manufacture of all balls offer significant advantages in terms of accuracy or cost.

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